My bands over the years:


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skdrummer":1xraup4g said:
pretty awesome man!
what band do u do most work with?
Thank You!

Right now my main bands are Noctuary and Winterthrall, but i've recently been rehearsing with Despise You for our first official show EVER.. its been over 12 years! so, yeah sometime in March in LA.. I can't wait!


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Eh, they are all pretty typical, but cool stuff nonetheless. I suppose I like Winterthrall the most. The BM vocals always get to me though.


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meizmatt":1l673ce7 said:
i just have one question about Despise You.... how did beowulf influence your music?
They influenced our singer really- i guess lyrically? Not sure.. I'm not to familiar with them to tell you the truth- I know we did a cover of "taste the steel".. thats pretty much all i know of them.