My band - some pictures


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Hey all, I'm new here but I thought I'd share some pictures from my band since everyone else is doing that too.

So first off we have a picture of me on the drums (notice the crack in my Sabian crash, it's even worse nowadays :():

I've replaced the noise reducing headphones now with ear plugs, I'll never loose the glasses!

Next up is our lead guitarist and lead vocalist in action!

Now to our bassist

And finally our second guitarist

Aye we're kind of young, we span from the ages of 16 to 18. We've been active for about 3 months now (we formed when I bought my set). The good thing about the band is that we're all good friends so while we might not be awesome we have a lot of fun while practicing! We're playing pretty much any variation of rock, from punk rock to Bon Jovi ballads - we're currently only covering songs as we're having trouble writing some proper lyric, we'll be looking into that though. We recently bought a PA-set so we'll be looking into some recording soon, I'll get the songs up here for ya!

Finally a picture where we're all together & out drinking - the hats are for our upcoming gig (which is actually tomorrow).

Hope you enjoyed it ;)