My Babies


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Pearl Masters MMX 4 ply maple with 4 ply rings, diamond burst with chrome hardware.
22x18 bass.
10x8 tom.
12x9 tom.
14x14 floor tom.
16x16 floor tom.
14x5.5 snare.

6" Stagg black bell.
8" Sabian AAX splash.
10" Zildjian A splash.
13" Istanbul Alchemy Sweet Hats.
16" Sabian AAX crash.
16" Zildjian Oriental china/trash.
17" Istanbul Alchemy power crash.
19" Istanbul Alchemy power crash.
20" Istanbul Alchemy raw ride.

Iron Cobra Jr. double bass pedal.
Pearl hi-hat stand.
Pearl 501 icon rack.
Mixture of pearl, mapex, gibralter stands + clamps.
Stock remo weatherking ambassador heads which need changing but havn't got round to doing.
And a computer chair with the back of as a throne.

I also have a roland td-12 as my practice kit, i'll get some pics up of that eventually.

So aye, let me know what ya's think please.


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Thanks for the responses =]

I love the alchemy cymbals, they're great. Very versitile and not that expensive for what you get in my opinion.