My 1995 Premeir Genista in Damask Red

Andy Jessop

New member
:D My Number one Kit.... its my Premier Genista in Damask red bought new from the factory "1995" and treasured, but gigged hard. Its a custom deep 22" bass drum custom 10" 12" 14" toms 14" standard wooden Snaire drum 7-ply Birch. Non of the Toms are drilled so you get the pure sound of the birch shell and they are mounted to the drum kit by a free floating rack mechanism.An All chrome system.
The drum's sound punchy, solid and are fantastic in the studio or live miked up.i use Remo's pin stripes or Evans heads they sound great.

Stick a TAMA, Yamaha, Pearl Masters, Gretch, Ludwig, Sonor next to my kit.

The premier wins on looks and pure sound a no contest.
Because the fittings are just out of this world and the sound is and still is fantastic.