My 1971 Ludwig 3 ply maples...

Pork Sword

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Figured I'd post up a shot of the kit I picked up....

all original rims, lugs & wrap (which hasn't faded a bit!!!)

16 x 24 VIRGIN!!!! bass drum
9 x 13 Virgin Rack tom
16 x 16 floor tom

These bad boys sing like no one's business & the virgin kick & rack tom really sold me on the kit...I paid $700 for the 3 drums, which is a great deal considering the condition of the drums & the wrap hasn't faded in the least.

any input would be greatly appreciated...I am wrapping a 8 x 14 70's ludwig maple snare to match it (it had that disgusting chrome finish) so I will post pics of it when it's all together...and the rack tom already got a nice new R.I.M.S. mount.


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that looks to be in great nick and i dont know about over there but in australia thats a hell of a buy. And when you say disgusting chrome finish do you mean chrome in general is disgusting or the chrome had deteriorated?


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Steaky":1bvya9ys said:
I love those half crescent spurs, I have them on my kit.
OGOD I Hate!!! those things. they are the reason I have a drum rug with 2 stacked 2x4 lumber bolted to the front as a means to keep my kick in check bolted to the front.