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Now I have been playing for a very long time. I'm pretty accomplished. But today my professor who is a doctor of music in piano composing and directing and i got into a tiff. He wanted to know if there was a standard for sticking. or a method when you are beinging to play a new piece. I told him I always go for comfort and what suits my hands best. such as in a 12/8 time sig. i have 2 triplets and a triplet with a tied 16th follwed by another triplet. I'm playing it as lrl rlr lrrl rlr
Now he wants to know if there is a set standar that you use in sticking. I say we always go with what is most comfortable..
Ya follow?

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i'm sure somewhere in drum theory there is a textbook standard way of doing it, but just like any other technique, if it works for you, then do it.

for instance, i'm a jazz major and i can't roll as well with my left hand as i can with my right. so my sticking pattern for tom and snare fills is extremely unorthodox, considering i'm right-handed, playing on a traditional right-handed kit. but my technique works for me.