Muscle Soreness


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Sometimes when i play, the inside of my thumb becomes really sore really fast. I was wondering if theres any special excercizes to help this problem. Usually this does not happen, its like my hand cramps up..any suggestions?


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bad technique results in cramps, stiffness, soreness. make sure you're grip and motions are proper for the technique you're playing with. you wanna get this fixed so you dont keep having trouble and possible have real problems with your hands down the road


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what technique are you playing?
match grip? traditional? german ... ETC

When I started to learn match grip a week ago I found my thumbs hurt too, but then I realised that I was holding the sticks wrong

Heres a site to look at for technique, Im still learning it, but after reviewing a few sites and videos I found my thumb no longer hurts at all and Im starting to minimize movement in my wrists...

theres lots of sites out there that have pictures and diagrams on how to correctly hold onto the sticks...

hope this helps


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Using a grip vice to do hand excercises help. They are really inexpensive and help alot.