Multi-track recording?


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Just purchased a new Behringer 1832FX mixer and some Shure 6 piece PG series mics.
I got the recording bit down, but we want to record them into multiple tracks, rather than just the one.
I'm new to this whole recording thing. It would really be appreciated if someone knew how to do this and what stuff to buy to get this stuff down.


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If you're talking about PC based recording, you'll need an interface to convert the signals. I just got a PreSonus FireStudio Project and so far it's excellent.


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well you should have direct outs on the mixer. If so use each of them as individual inputs to separate each drum from one another in the mix (assuming your using protools or something similar).

It would also be a great idea to make sure that you set your eq on each drum as perfect as you can to ease the mixing process after.

Secondly use the send/return on the back of the board to incorporate the use of an external compressor to clean up the signal prior to converting it into a digital signal. Once you have done so, the final mix should be an excellent reproduction of your kit.

what recording equipment are you using?