Multi-Part Snare Question


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As I've mentioned in a few other threads I am fairly new to drumming. I bought my (slightly older) Pearl Export Series 5 piece kit from a guy who bought it from a church... and so on. I love the variety of sounds I can get out of the toms depending on the head I use and muffling etc... But the snare is another story.

My snare is a low end metal Pearl snare. I've messed around with a few different heads and muffling techniques but just can't get the sound out of it I want. The sound I want can best be described as a thick THWAP! Warm, with a little bit of tone but not so warm that it blends in with the toms, it needs to stand out.

This past weekend my band switched practice locations and I used the drumset of our keyboardist's fathers band. It was a Yamaha Beech Custom set. I wasn't crazy about the sound of the toms but the snare drum was EXACTLY what I'm looking for. It was a 14" snare (not sure of the depth), and had a wood rim around the top that their drummer uses for rim shots.

So to get to the point (finally... :roll: ). Any suggetions on getting my snare to sound similar? Or any suggestions of other types of snare's that I can purchase which might not be quite as pricey?? Eventually I want to buy a nicer set but in the meantime I'd like to get a snare I can be proud of.


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Yeah wood snaredrums tend to sound a bit warmer, then metal snares. Overall metal snares tend to 'cut' a bit more, but in the end it al comes down to tuning it right. If the Yamaha snare was the one you've been searching for, save up for such a snare, or find out what the specs are on the yamahasite and search for a similar, cheaper snaredrum. Always remember though, that if the snare gets cheaper, they had to use cheaper materials somewhere. Like thinner hoops or a cheaper kind of wood. Even when it says 'Maple' you still have different types of maple. Like first and second class maple.


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I found a 14x5.5 Mapex Maple Snare at a local store that has a really good sound. But I think the real difference I've started to notice is my preference towards 13" snares. In general they seem to stand out more from the rest of the drums set. Again this may all be tuning issues but that's just something I feel I've picked up on.

In terms of wood types, I really like the presence of the maple snares but I like the responsiveness of the birch. Any compromises??

On my snare, I was playing with a Remo Powerstroke 3 and just switched to an Evans Dry Coated. I like the sound I get out of the Evans a lot better, it seems to control the harmonic overtones a lot more. It gives my snare more punch with less "pang".


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Timekeep69":2zowngg6 said:
Buy a wood shell snare drum.

im not trying to be rude...but its probly just the snare...if its a lower end metal shelled snare, the shells are most likely made with cheaper metals and get a good sounding snare man...go with a wooden snare