Most UNDERATED drummer and OVERATED drummer of all time

Hey fellow drum freaks.Im still a N00b at this forum stuff so yeh ill use this topic as my official greeting.
*And incase of this topic been done b4 im sorry i didnt know.

So yeh im wondering who you guys think is some of the worlds most over and underated drummers in your mind.

I personally think Van Williams from the band Nevermore is quite an underated drummer.His drum style for me is quite unique and brings somthin a lil new to the "Metal" scene.
Awsome band too might I add..Van along with Tomas Haake from intellectual metal band Meshuggah.

Most overated i must say as much as i like the band is Slipknot's Joey Jordison.He is a good drummer but meh too much hype.

ANyway i type 2 much so ill stop. Lets see what u guys have to say :shock:


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hmmm.... agree with joey jordison, but I have a good word for him. he didn't start the hype... Another drummer who I think is overrated is Ginger Baker (Cream). Sorry, i don't want to upset anyone but he's probably the worst drummer who was playing in a famous band ever! It's always sounding a little bit bumpy. :lol:


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Rarely can drummers be personally blamed for any 'over-rating' that follows them around, there are a few! Those named so far I don't think can be held responsible for the high regard in which they are held - it's just the millions who think they are great!

Maybe there's something in that..............?


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i love metallica to death but i think lars is overrated...not as much as jordison because lars differs his beats quite a bit more than jj but hes still not as great as the hype. also overrated is travis barker. hes good at what he does but theres no diversity.


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Excuse me for saying so, but actually I think Mike Portnoy is quite overrated.

He can obviously play, but I think it's all mathematics and not so much "feel", "groove".

It seems whenever he can, it's all about showing off, as oposed to play something that would suit the song better.

If I went to a drum clinic, it would be great. At a concert, I think it's too much.

Am I the only one in the universe feeling this way?

(Don't get me wrong; He's a good drummer, but also an overated drummer)

Lars Ulrich? I never understood what's great about his drumming at all...

(I wasn't going to post here in the first place, but if someone can say that Ginger Baker is overated? Go figure! :wink: )


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IMHO one of the most underated contemporary drummers is Zach Hill - he's been mentioned before here on this message board :)
also I would mention Leo (don't know the last name) from the band Miocene - he plays some amazing stuff :)


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yeah i agree that portnoy and barker are over rated, though they are good at what they do, im not sure that theyre so deserving of the legend status.


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Overrated? Easy...Neil Peart, who can play well, but has NO taste, ALWAYS overplays, unremakable sound, completely inappropriate, yet has millions of fans, MOST of whom don't understand the finer points of drumming. Underrated? There's lots of 'em. One guy who rarely got his due was Johny Barbata, who played with The Turtles in the 60s, CSN&Y and Neil Young solo then Jefferson Airplane/Starship in the 70s. Check out the Turtles video "Happy Together Again" a retrospective on the band put out by Rhino. John was subtle, clever, had impeccable timing, great sound on his Rogers kit, did a lot of cross timing, went from single stroke to double seamlessly, was a one-man-show with stick twirling and other tricks, and {are you listening Peart fans?} did it all WITHOUT ever distracting from the song. Check him out!


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Overrated? Easy...Neil Peart
Your ratfinks must have went to your brain. :lol: :lol:

Neil is plays intricately but in my opinion never really overplays. He always plays for the song above all else.

he is the shiz.


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What a great topic!!!

About Portnoy, I like him a lot. Fanaticism is always dumb, in that effect, he is overrated because people are obsessed with him. However, I disagree that he doesn't play with feel or groove or that he doesn't match the style of music. In case you haven't heard Dream Theater, their entire sound is based on overplaying and showing off. They are progressive metal! It is what they do! He fits it perfectly. His groove is stellar especially on the Liquid Tension Experiment records.

Virgil Donati is pretty close. Will there really ever be a need to play a drum roll on the kick drum in music? Overrated!

Terry Bozzio is pretty close too with his one trillion piece kit.

Travis Barker is a close runner up. Okay dude, we know you're fast, can you just play something that matches the song now?

Also in the runnings is Carter Beauford. Okay, it's a ballad, stop playing a freaking drum solo on the high hat! Time! Please!

The winner of most overrated drummer goes to.......

CHAD SMITH!!!!!!!!!!

The chili peppers have the perfect sound for a drummer to shine, yet the only thing you notice about Chad Smith's drumming is his snare is mixed really loud. I'm totally bored with him. But hey, he could be Will Farrel's twin, so I guess he's not that bad.

The most underrated drummer has got to be Max Weinburg. He is an absolute genious and plays so effortlessly. I've never even seen him in a popular drum mag.

Damian Saint

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OK I am so gonna get killed for this one ....


Bobby Rock - (Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Nelson, Independant)


Mike Portnoy - (sorry, used to love him, but sometimes I feel he chops just to chop unlike a prog drummer of yester year like Toto or Kansas. I love to hear him, but unlike the other drummers I speak of he tends to double up on some very cool fills in sort of a "hey did ya hear how cool I play that" instead of just playing it once and letting us all drool over it. HIs chops and technique is there but his heart is not coming out in his technicality. I just feel he has more to offer and look forward to seeing him develope as he settles down and gets more creative.)

Please dont kill me y'all, just my humble opinion, by the way I do know that this man SMOKES me in like millions of ways, so no ego here haha


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OK, let's play in some UNDERrated drummers too:

Numero Uno:

Phil Collins!
Probably the most underrated drummer of them all (because half the populastion seems to beleve that the only thing he can do, is to sing crappy ballads and Motown-inspired 60's pop, while humpin' away on the piano)


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I know this is a debate but hold on a second..............

Lars Ulrich and Ringo Star and Neil Peart ALL OVERRATED?????? :shock:

Have you lost your senses? I know its personal opinions but please. I respect all three although I do not worship the ground they walk on. :roll:

Lars Ulrich and more importantly Neil Peart and Ringo Starr influenced so many of the drummers of today that they cant be overrated. You listen to any beatles track and try and follow that beat for beat, I bet you cant. Lars took the metal drumming stance and brought it to the fore, he's now being copied. Neil Peart is an absolute wonder of a drummer, so experienced and entertaining. :lol:

Anyway, before I get shot to bits by everyone, I'm not criticising anyones judgement here so I'll throw some names into the hat......... 8)

Overrated - Hmmm.........I agree with the Joey Jordison thing, he copied what Tommy Lee did in the late 80's

Underrated - Gary James of Thunder, Andy Burrows of Razorlight, Wil Calhoun. Chester Thompson to name a few.


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These threads are funny.

The most underated guy I know of is this drummer I saw playing with some unknown R&B band back in 1998. I have no idea who he was. I did talk to him after the show. But I forgot his name.

That's how underated he is.

But he was an excellent player.

Overated? Mostly it's some poor sod the kids at the time have picked up on after hearing very few drummers and then constantly discuss him or her as being the best or some kind of God amongst drummers. I feel sorry for these guys. No matter how much money they're making at the time.


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Most underated would have to be Ringo Starr you wouldn't want a Neil Peart playing Beatle songs though hes amazing the bottom line has to be the music and Ringo's style is simple and tasteful and a perfect fit for that music


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Overrated: Joey Jordison, Travis Barker, Mike Portnoy, Buddy Rich

Underrated: Andre Ceccarelli, Cozy Cole, Evelyn Glennie, Tony Royster Jr., Ed Shaughnessy, Keith Moon



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ok... loudmouths.
underrated: gene hoglan, tomas haake, sean reinert, dan foord, matt chamberlain, deen castronovo
overrated:dunno, can't think of a drummer i can't learn something from.
before dismissing guys like travis barker, go listen to a whole record before you question his diversity. oh, and he played on quite a few albums besides blink-182's 3 albums...
go figure.