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I've had nothing but bad luck with Wuhan chinas. I'd destroy one at least every 8 months, not that I'm a hard basher or anything.

I got a discontinued 16" LP Rancan china from Ebay last Christmas 2007 for like 30 bucks. That thing sounded killer and cut through clear as a bell! Loud! It cracked about 4 months ago and I ended up losing a chunk out of the edge. I think it got stepped on in my cymbal bag or something landed on it. Bummed me out.

After I decommissioned my Rancan, I found a Zildjian Oriental Trash 16" for $75. Not even kidding! It was used, but nothing more than some finger prints on it. It's in great, almost new condition. And it's what I still use currently. Sounds great and cuts through!

I dread the day that thing cracks.

Get Aquarian cymbal springs, that should stop the cracking unless it's just bad technique

Oh, and the point of Wuhans is that they're cheap and they will crack. Traditional chinas sound better with cracks in them anyway
It wasn't neccesarily due to bad technique, as I said, I'm not really a basher and I use proper technique. I just had bad luck with Wuhans.

Some chinas do sound cooler with cracks in them, as I have experienced, but then those cracks spread and in the end, it ends up sounding like garbage.

I have thought about the Aquarian cymbal springs. I played a kit with some on it and found they were too stiff. Maybe they were the extra stiff ones.


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I have an 18 inch Wuhan with rivets in it, i love it! Go with Wuhan, if there is one thing they know how do its chinas. Cant go wrong with a 50$ cymbal too.

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i know ur probably looking for a bigger china, but the only one i have ever had was a 12 inch wuhan. it only sounded good with guitars in my opinion. but it was only 12 dollars. do the math. break up once a week if u wanted. :shock:

sounded good with guitars?

sorry but i don't understand that statement...

the china cymbal sounded good while i was jamming with my band...they had guitars naturally, so it sounded good while the guitars were playing...didnt care for it much when i jammed by, again...the china sounded good with guitars, ehh? :lol: