more responsave pedal


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i just was wonder if there was a bette petal than the
dw 7000

cause its heavy and hard to do 16th notes (its a double btw)

i was thinking lighter...

like a pdp

and cheep!
any suggestions?


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Three things-

1. lower the beater height
2. tighten the spring
3. set the beater throw farther back

When you play, move the ball of your foot farther back towards the hinge. Try that- your pedal is fine.


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dw7000 is a great pedal. but yea it is heavy. the 9000 is lighter and better. but the iron cobra powerglide is a really good pedal too. im increasingly fascinated at the Trick pedals. the ones with the fixed drive(no chain or strap) and the internal spring with the adjuster knob. they are light and insane. but cost a nice penny. 300 in most places for a single. 700 fo the double. but the double is literaly 2 master pedals and really genius torque bar. so you can just take the beater off and bar off and put it on the left pedal and you got 2 master pedals. that are identical