Moments when it's not clickin'...


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Ever had one of those days when the snare seems to corny, cymbals seem to low or to high(though they are just in the right place), or you just can't lay a nice solid groove? How do you deal with rehearsals with the band or auditions/gigs when it just doesn't feel good to play?


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I just live with it, to get the best sound for your drums and cymbals, play in high humidity or high moisture content. They sound sweet then.

As for bad rehearsels, well if I have a bad one before a gig, I know the gig will be an outstanding one. 8)


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It is true that sub par rehearshals end up producing amazing live performances...
I just try to relax and not over think what I am playing...Just let it flow and you'll get your groove back.


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If it's a rehearsal I usually don't care about it. When it comes to gigs...hmmm, I don't know 8) They're always good

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well if I have a bad one before a gig, I know the gig will be an outstanding one.
Its funny how that happens but it does every time.. :lol:


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you do have off days - for me it usually was down to the condition of my body - i would be tired from doing sport or other work the same day or night before.

One way to help you snap out of having an 'off day' is by warming up properly, you may hear it time and time again, but if you warm up properly you will be able to play what you want to and you will be more relaxed.

i use deep heat when it comes to gigs, just a little bit on the wrists, calfs, elbows and forearms - damn i need to get endorsed by them.

hope this helps.

Rob the Drummer

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There really is no explaination for it. Some days are just bad. I usually have one night a week where it doesn't feel as good or the sound isn't right or something. A band is like it's own living thing, somedays just don't feel that great.