Mixing Cymbal Companies


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I really like the Meinl Bell Blast ride, but I play mostly with Sabian stuff... Is it bad to mix cymbal lines? I know, I know, it's all taste and what sounds good, but do you think Mb10 cymbals would match well with say, the AA Metal-X line?


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In my cymbal setup I have B20 cymbals mixed with B8 ride(paiste 2000). Works well for me:)
Yeah, man. Cymbals, like all drums and music, is preference. I have Zildjan, Sabian, and Wuhan cymbals for my set and have been looking into getting so paiste soon. . . Whatever helps develop your sound, I say go for it. . .


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Not mixing cymbals is retarded....literally! You stunt your growth of experience and increase ignorance. I've talked to drummers that only use this or that....what about variety? Ive got $400 cymbals and $10 on the same rack!! Switch it up! Paiste still the best / Ufip / Z's / sabians / But is there any greater pedal than the DW-9000?


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Every Cymbal is unique.
I play several Cymbalcompanies on my Set.
I think it's important to select your cymbals by their sound.
It doesn't make sense to buy a complete Cymbalset if you are not able to play the cymbals before and look what they sound like.
So if your Cymbals sound good its ok to mix several companies in one set.If your sound suffers because you want to play only one company I would say let it be :!:


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bongojohno":1coc46n4 said:
Not mixing cymbals is retarded....literally! You stunt your growth of experience and increase ignorance. I've talked to drummers that only use this or that....what about variety? Ive got $400 cymbals and $10 on the same rack!! Switch it up! Paiste still the best / Ufip / Z's / sabians / But is there any greater pedal than the DW-9000?
not mixing cymbals is retarted...all ive got right now are zildijans...and that makes me retarded.i had a lot of other cymbals that i dident like and got rid of them.no its not bad to mix cymbals.but its not like you have to...i love my zildijans and thare the only ones ive found that i like. if some one else makes some thing i like ill buy it


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i would say, don't worry about it until you're sponsored, but by that time, everythings free and your two cents will actually influence development of a new tech for the company...


mix -em. I mean, isn't zildjian and sabian the same? I mean wasn't it just zildjian before, then they broke up (something about two brothers running the gig) and two companies formed?

cymbals are cymbals...
use the ammonium cleanser stuff to take everything (labels and all) off the cymbal, then what do you have left?

a piece of metal. and maybe a hard to see manufacturer's stamp.


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My son and I prefer to use Sabian for our splashes....we use Zildjian for everything else. I'm only sold on SOUND not namebrand. If it don't sound right, I don't care if your cymbals are worth millions and all the star drummers endorse ya line. If it dont sound right in my living room right her in Cleveland, I don't rock it.....


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mixing cymbals is the best thing you can do, never pay any attention to the name or model of a cymbal. If its not a good cymbal you'll hear it, my friend has a pair of b8 hi hats that sound amazing and iv play sabian hhx cymbals that i thought sounded like total crap. its all about the sound. hit the cymbal,play on it. if itsounds good its good. no matter the make, price or model

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theres nothing wrong with mixing cymbal brands. Paul Mazurkiewicz from Cannibal Corpse does it, and im sure other professional drummers do it too


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If you can only get the sound you're looking for by mixing, then go for it. As long as Sabian isn't writing you a check and giving you free cymbals then it doesn't really matter what anybody says. Joey Jordison plays Pearl drums and Tama hardware AND pedals. If the pros can mix and match then why can't we?


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Yeah mixing cymbols i think is great also. I have Sabian, zildjian, A custom, wuhan, paiste, K's, and a little 6inch no name cymbol i found in a music class garage sale that i drilled out to fit on my stand. So i think they all add there own touch to my playing style and they all come in handy when im lookin for a certain sound. Something i saw at guitar center the other day is they had 2 wuhan 12 inch china splashes, one normal and the other flipped upside -down ontop of the other. Cheap cymbals that sound great and this way made a cool sounds to. Try it if you get a chance.


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I like the Sabian AAX, but I don't like their China's. I use a Wuhan china's 12" and 18". They have a nice trashy sound, with just the right amount of decay.


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i used to shop only zildjian because that was all i knew, i didnt really know too much about other brands. since i started researching more about other brands my mix of brands has grown to include Istanbul, wuhan (the 12 dollar china that comes free with a block of sticks), and UFIP. so to actually answer you question your gonna have to try it out in the store, and then see if it sounds good with the other cymbals on your rig, if you go to GC(idk about Sam ash) they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you take it home and decide its not what your looking for, you can bring it back and tell them your not satisfied, the only thing is, you get store credit back, not cash.


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:twisted: I feel that its all about what the cymbal can offer. There are alot of accents to be used. I use mainly Sabian but I havnt found a china from them that I like. For that I have turned to Paiste Signature series and of course Wuhan . The Sabian has a really snappy gong affect and the Wuhan with an awesome trash can lid sound. luckily they are cheap and they offer a great warranty because the break quick! Keep it brutal- Keep it moving!!


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I like Sabian and Paiste the most. I have played several different cymbals, but I certainly like them more. Paiste, I actually haven't been able to play much though, and I am going to be getting some Paiste RUDE hi hats to replace my falling apart ones, so that should be nice. My Sabian bit is a Vault 16" Crash which I feel special to have :p
I also have a Sabian B8 20" Ride. Wuhan is what I would say my choice for chinas, I have both a 12" and an 18" ^_^


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I highly recomend mixing cymbals....It's all about getting the sound you want, and if that means mixing cymbal brands then do it. I Personally use a mix of Zildjien K customs 22' ride and 18'dry ride, Paiste 2002 series(hi-hats, medium crash), Paiste 802 series(China, splash and 14' crash). I am happy with the sound I have right now, however i would like to try something else in place of the 802 cymbals i use.

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I'm certainly a Zildjian guy, but I own and incorporate Istanbul cymbals into my set up frequently. The guy who said "Once you clean the cymbals so that the label is off... whats it matter anyway?" is completely right. I mean what are you worried about.. .that Sabian will see you playing a Paiste and get mad and maybe not give you that endorsement?

Its silly not to mix if the tonalities you're looking for just happen to be with different brands.
why not mix up Cymbal Companies? i mean its all about sound, not the companie. i have zildjians and sabians on my kit. i like mixing cymbals companies up. i use a ZBT crash and a ZHT Splash, Sabian B8 crash/ride and Sabian B8 RIde and Hi-Hats and XS20 China Cymbal