Mixer or Firepod


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Hey guys,

I'm looking to start recording drums and I'm not sure which audio interface I should buy. I want to be able to record drums, guitar, bass and vocals directly into my computer. I think I've narrowed it down it down to a Presonus Firepod FP10 or a Behringer XENYX 2442FX. Both fit my price range and appear that they will meet my needs. I was wondering what your opinions are for one over the other, and also the advantages of a stand alone mixer versus a firewire interface like the Firepod.



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my first interface was a firepod, its a solid piece of gear, i never had any problems with mine and i get a pretty damn decent sound with it, also the cubase software it comes with is a really good software for a beginner to get their feet wet with, but it is limited, at some point your gonna want to upgrade to a better recording software. Im not familiar with the behringer model you mentioned but i dislike behringer in general as a brand so id say go firepod lol.


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Same here on the Firepods. I also have three daisychained but upgraded to Cubase 4 to replace the LE program that came with them. Super easy to set up too.


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I highly recommend the firepod. I use one and it works really well. Simple and effective. The only problem i've ever had was with the firewire outputs, but other than that. It's solid.


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well, the first thing to address is this: unless you already have a multitrack audio interface installed on your computer, that mixer will be useless.

presonus units have really good microphone preamps. I say go for the firestudio.