mix and match or all matching cymbal setups?


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My setup constsists of
2 a custom splashes (8"
3 a custom crashes (16,17,18")
2 a custom mastersound set of hi hats (13, 14")
2 K chinas (17, 19")
K custom ride (22")

I really feel like having a matching cymbal setup does something for the harmony of the set, I love the way my cymbals complememtn each other,a dn though they are all unique they all have theure similarities being for the same line and make. ghow many of you like to have a matching cymba; setup lik eme and how many of you mix anbd match cyumbals with no reguard for the make or company listening to only how they sound?


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i mix and match but i take it a little further...

10" aax splash
14", 18" aaxplosion crashes
9" radia cup chime
21" hh raw bell dry ride
18" zbt china
14" 2002 soundedge hihats
18" signature full crash
12" wuhan china

id like to get a 16" k custom session crash, 12" istanbul trash hit, and make a stack out of a 12" wuhan and a 14" crash of some kind.

i used to want to be loyal to one company but when i started playing cymbals as cymbals and not as a brand and model i found some true jewels and decided to forget brand loyalty. sometimes i have a little trouble thinking outside the sabian mindset (they seem to have just about everything i could ask for) but i really like my mixed cymbals...4 brands, 7 lines. im really not picky as long as it sounds good.


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Well, having a matched set means all your cymbals would be sonically matched, meaning they "fit" together. But if you mix and match brands, and pull off the same effect, then good on ya. I'm planning on having a mix and match set-up. Just because I'm going to base my purchases on sound, and how certain cymbals may fit into the overall sound of my kit.