mirror chrome


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right so i went to rehearsals tonight and the house snare i used was a pearl mirror chrome and i must admit it sounded great. it felt so easy to play and the sound was quite dry but lively if that makes sense.

Im unsure wheather it felt so good because of the snare itself or its the skin which was a aquarian texture coated skin, iv never used one before.

have you used this snare before? or the skin?


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I used a mirror crome pearl snare for 5 years, I hade a remo power stroke on it, I loved it, in fact I still have it, I use it alot live. great snare drum. the only reason I dont use it more is because I got a wood snare that macths my masters kit.


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I have a pearl mirror chrome steel snare that came with my exports. I've had that snare for the 6 years I've had the kit, and I loves it!

I've used other drummers' snares, but I always go back to my pearl and fall in love all over again. It's got the punch when you need it (thank you steel!) and when you quiet down, it keeps up!

I use a Remo Powerstroke Snare Head on the batter, crank it to nearly the tightest setting, and it kicks butt! :D