mini monster (new pics)


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a newer pic but ive got a few new things that ill put on tomorrow when i set my baby up again and post some more pics.

Tama Rockstar Custom fusion (dont hate it sounds better then most kits)
Joey custom snare 13x6.5

A custom
12 splash
14 hi hats
16 and 18 crash
A series
10 splash
K custom
20 Dark ride
6.5 zil bell
6 splash
18 china
12 mini china

all dbl braced tama stands
iron cobra hi hat stand
axis longboard x series



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that's nice that like.

liking the choice of cymbals =]

i love the joey snares, they got such a crack to them, they sound amazing.


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its my fav cause it cuts through fucking anything so non micd shows arnt a problem. i could do with out the slipknot symbol though lol


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niceee kit dude.

i have a rockstar as well. same colr and everything, i love it

and im likin the a customs. i have A's and i love them...

but doesnt it destroy your splashes having them upside down on crashes?
thats what ive heard.


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nah i got felts inbetween the cymbals so its all good. been playing them for a while now and there still holding up strong.


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thank you all. dont steal the axis!! too expensive i would go on a manhunt! and shame on me.... you try playing 230bpm consitantly with dw 5000? wasnt working out. i love the axis!! frees me up to concentrate on my hand work.