[millsybaby] - Pearl BRX


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Well, i ordered this bad boy back in October and it came a few weeks back and i finally got it set up about 6 days ago haha!
Not done any drivers seat pics yet as the pedal arrangement isnt finished as i'm still waiting on some new Axis pedals BUT heres 2 lovely pics for you all -

Since taking the pics, all the heads have been changed to Aquarian Texture Coated Response 2 batters, Classic Clear(black) resonants and Superkick 3 on the bass drums(awaiting custom graphic heads for the fronts, which will be Aquarian Regulators).

Sizes -
Toms - 12"x10", 13"x11", 14"x12", 16"x16", 18"x16"
Bass - 24"x18", 22"x18"

Cymbals(from drivers seat left to right) - All Paiste -

18" Signature Heavy China
17" Signature Full Crash
14" Rude Sound Edge Hi-Hats
18" Signature Power Crash
6" Cup Chime (in custom Black finish) ON ORDER
19" Signature Power Crash
8" Cup Chime (in custom Black finish) ON ORDER
12" Signature Splash
12" Rude Splash
6" Bell Chime
19" Rude Crash/Ride
8" Accent (in custom Black finish)
17" Rude Crash/Ride
6" Accent (in custom Black finish)
15" Signature Power Hi-Hats (on x-hat)
19" Dimensions Power Crash
24" Dimensions Mega Power Bell Ride OR 22" Dimensions Power Bell Ride OR 20" Signature Heavy Bell Ride (only one at a time)
18" Custom Rude Novo China
18" Signature Crystal Crash

Percussion -

LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell (Red)
LP Jam Block (Red)
Pearl Clave Block (Yellow)
Pearl Tambourine(Black Sparkle w/ mount)
Pearl Cowbell set (3 scaling tones and sizes)
10" Factory metal Percussion Celtic Bell

I've currently got DW9002 and DW9005 pedals/hi-hat stand, but i've just ordered my new axis gear which will be -

A Series Standard Right Double
A Series Longboard Left Double
A Series Standard Hi-Hat

I'm gonna cross the left and right over with each other using the longboards underneath the bar and i'll still have the same playing room on each footplate - so i can do some stupid double bass work on 2 drums! :D

Theres also a few more cymbals until its all finished.


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Cheers very much! My right handed Axis is here and my lefty longboards should be here within the next fortnight!

I'm thinking of changing my 17" and 19" Rude's to Rude Wild Crashes and have made a few changes since those pics went up.
I'm gonna be taking it all down and completely resetting it up in a few months aswell, so very new pics then!

New snare being ordered aswell hehe! :D


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Some updates -

New snare stand/rig


The beaters sound amazing aswell, Bigfoot Beaters.

I have a Danmar Metal Click Pad on the 22" and the 24" has a black Evans patch so i get two really different sounds - which is just what i wanted from double pedals on two drums. Clicky on the 22" and basically a cannon from the 24" - oh yesh!


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Holy shit! How many feat do you have!

Just kiddin', That's a sweet kit, any better pics, which show everything? And maybe some driverseat pics?