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im looking to buy a portable metronome i can practice at home with and use for a few live and studio situations, any recomendations


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besides a practice pad, this is the best thing you could buy when it comes to practicing. works great for practice and just as good for using live

Nigel Letter

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Stay away from the Metrophones. I had a set and they are ok as isolation headphones but if you like to move around they will just fly off your head. I have had to tape them on when I'm in the studio. Also the metronome does not do what its ment to. It will stay at the one tempo for a while then it will start to drag.
I have looked at a lot or metronomes. The Yamaha one is pretty good. Tama Rhythm Watch is also pretty good aswell. I currently use a Boss DB-80 and a set of Shure E3's. Its an awsome setup. I was using E2's which are just as good and cheaper. I used them until I upgraded a few months ago.
Boss have a new metronome out now. I think its the Boss DB-90. I haven't used it yet but its basically just an upgraded version of what I have. It stores way more preset tempos and you can tempo map aswell. I'm sure is you go to you can read up about it. Then after you check it out go to eBay and buy it for cheaper!
Hope this helps