Metalcore drummers?


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I mean I try to play that fast. It's a good genere to get into whilst playing and practing double bass and then you can move onto harder/intense stuff like Deat metal, Black Metal, Grindcore, Death/Grind, or Deathcore.


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I can't stand metalcore. The drumming can be anything from decent to freakin awesome, but the rest is terrible. Everyone is like OMG BUT YOU LIKE LAMB OF GOD. Well, Lamb of God is their own thing IMO. I don't see how they really fit into metalcore.

The dude from Devil Driver is a beast. I can't stand the actual band though.


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You can't really group all drummers and all bands from one genre into the same pool in terms of musical school. Some are good, some are decent, some are just popular for whatever reason, but might not be all that amazing at their instruments. Sure some of them sound the same, but then again you can say that about rap, country, jazz, classical, punk (4 chord bands anyone?), metal... A lot of the songs and bands might sound alike but that's why they're grouped into a "genre", and each have their own distinctions that make them somehow different from one another.

Personally the "hardcore" whatever you want to call it stuff that I listen to are Every Time I Die's HOT DAMN! which is an amazing album, anything from Darkest Hour, they have such a great pair of guitarists and Parrish is an excellent drummer, Unearth's stuff is pretty damn good, I like August Burns Red, although whoever called them "math core" is off their rocker, they aren't anywhere near a math-core band, relatively. Holy run-on sentence Batman.


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Yea I personally love it but I guess it depends on who you put in metal core but i like august burns red, the devil wears prada, as i lay dying, norma jean etc........and i play to as i lay dying records every day =D
As I Lay Dying's new album has my vote for ablum of the year, freakin amazing, and i saw august burns red in concert once before they got as big as they are- fun show, good times good times


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blotted science kicks so much ass
You chould check out anything and everything that the Jarzombek brothers are involved with.
WATCHTOWER. One of the finest technical thrash bands ever to grace the planet. Only the guitar playing brother (Ron) played with them. Seriously sick musicianship and composition.