Meinl Mb8 Series

Personally I'd go for somethin a little higher like Mb10 or Mb20 and even Byzance, unless it's a budget thing then definetly Mb8 or even maybe Meinl Classics

I want the 8" powerfull bell from them!


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Message some of the Meinl players on here like drummerduba
I hear my name being called!!!!

Well I don't know much about the new Mb8 series but this is as much as I know or assume:

Mb8 is just pretty much 2008's reply to the awesome Amun Series
It is still the same quality, if not better, using the same B8 Alloy that Meinl used for the Amuns
Meinl's website stated previously that the Amun Series was their Professional B8 cymbal range, whilst the Classics were considered as an Intermediate range

I for one use Amun crashes so if ya'll want a listen to them then you can listen to some recordings i made using them on

I use 16" and 17" Medium Crashes with an 18" Thin Crashes

IMO the Crashes are very bright and crisp sounding and are perfect for almost any genre.

Oh and I own a powerfull bell too and I love them. They are certainly a cheaper alternative to a Zil-Bell

It's also good to bear in mind that picking out a cymbal shouldn't just be for how they sound individually. Your brother would need to consider how it would sound amongst the rest of his setup, but you probably already knew that.