Meinl Cymbals


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I'm a preferrably rock drummer, and I've been interested in Meinl cymbals, preferrably because of the great selections they offer. I also have been looking into Sabian AAX series cymbals which are abundant and les expensive. Are Meinl worth the extra cash, and live up to their reputation? Or should i look further into Sabian?



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you could look into meinl some more but if you cant find any to play them then i suggest that you start looking at sabians. cymbals are personal and buying online based off of sound clips probably wont get you exactly what you wany, but playing them first is the way to go. if you can find some meinls to play and like them better that the sabians you play then price shouldnt be an issue, you may just have to save up longer to get what you really want. play all the cymbals you can find though because something else may surprise you.


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(Nice screen name, LOL!) Buying cymbals is something that should always be personal. Unless you're buying a cheap Wuhan china, you should always play the cymbals you are thinking about obtaining before you buy. No two cymbals of the same make and model sound alike, and you may get stuck with a dog that you don't want, or doesn't go with the rest of your setup.

Brand loyalty is really unimportant, it's about what sounds good to you, and what sounds good for what you are playing. Sabians are fine instruments, as are Meinls. So are Zildjians, Paistes, and Saludas.

Use your ears as your main purchasing tool. :wink:


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an important thing to remember when buying cymbals is,the cymbals sound very different when you are the drummer,and to the people hearing them.I have gone shopping and hit a cymbal and hated it,but I walked 20 feet away and had someone else hit it,and it sounded 100% different.My point?..take a friend with the cymbal smacker guy,and then take a few steps away,and have your buddy hit it.