Meinl Classics


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If you like a Sabian B8, it is similar. They sound ok to me. I would got to the Meinl site and listen to it. If you like it, go for it.


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Meinl have a great sound i used to have a complete collection of the Meinl classic's.

However I found them not to be very durable, so depending on what style you play they'll either be good or bad, anything to heavy and they'll crack like all mine did!!!!



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meinldude69":131tkn52 said:
trust me, get it
you won't regret it
i use meinls and i have a 18 thin crash from the Classics line
i love it

I agree I have an 18" classics thin and an 18" medium and they kick ass. I couple that w/ An AMUN thin crash 16" and another 16" classics medium crash. great sounds I switched over the last year from sabian and zildjian to straight Meinl crashes.