Meg White


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Is it only me who thinks she is a good drummer?

It seems that everyone, none-drummers and drummers alike say that she is a crap drummer. Just because she keeps it simple.... Just because she doesnt over-complicate beats does not mean that she is useless. She helps Jack White to shine through with her simple beats keeping the steady beat and backbone for him to show off his talents. She is very talented to be able to keep playing things simple, as most drummer try and complicate things when sometimes it just ruins the song. There is not one White Stripes song which does not sound good. Meg White Plays a big part in that. And the way she brings percusion into her beats is pretty immense to, ie: maracas and tambourines stuck to her sticks.

I think she is amazing, and she is deffinately a big infuence of mine, by just keeping it simple. She reminds me that things do sound good playing simple. Yeah sometimes its nice to show off, and sometimes a more complicated beat does compliment a song more, but there are also times, when just the first beat that you learnt as a drummer is the most effective.

Who agrees?


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She's ok... I wouldn't say she's one of my influences tho :?

Yeah what she does is simple and very basic (something you could probably do after a couple of months or so of lessons) but it fits the music well. :D
She's ok, i wouldn't go as far to say she's brilliant, but she does whats required for the song, which is a lot like Lars Ulrich, people rip him, for no good reason, he might not be as good as Lombardo or Portnoy et al, but he does whats needed for the song. Just Simple effective drumming, which lets the song itself do the talking


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There's a difference between simple and off time.

Charlie Watts and Phil Rudd are simple drummers, not bad drummers, just simple.

Lars and Meg are BAD drummers. Metallica are smart enough to Pro Tool his mistakes out. White Stripes aren't so smart. You can hear Meg's timing waver all over the place.
I disagree, I wouldn't call Lars A "Bad" drummer, to say Metallica are smart enough to pro tool his mistakes out, they may well do now, but they haven't always had the luxury of modern technology, & His earlier work was without a doubt his best

I hate Pro Tools anyway it makes people far too lazy...For example Rob Bourdon from linkin Park, or most Nu Metal-esque drummers for that matter


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James has even complained publicly about Lar's drumming. Don't base Lars' drumming on their studio albums, listen to him live. I used to have a recording of "For whom the bell tolls" where lars messed up so bad that they had to stop the's not that difficult of a song.
But surely if he was that bad, they would just replace him, they could quite easily have their pick of any drummer in the world.
I have have seen them 8 or 9 times & have countless live recordings, & 90% of the drumming is as it would be on a studio album. My only criticism is that he was mostly drunk or on other substances during live shows, which is obviously gonna affect your playing. this is why i dont drink alcohol before a gig, because i cannot give my 110% best


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Seems like we have a lot of topics here, huh?.

1- Meg White
2- Lars and his "Bad" Drumming,
3- How Pro-tools can make you sound like God in drumms, etc, etc...

Ok, ok. Let's make this clear.

1- Meg White is a joke.
2- Lars knows how to talk and Nothing else matters.
3- Pro-tools can make you a Drum Star and is too expesive.

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Sure Meg White's drumming "works" for the white Stripes music. I still say she's a crap drummer. I firmly believe in playing for the song. I still say she's a crap drummer. I've hear places in White Stripes songs that could have used more than a basic beat with a few cymbals here and there but she does nothing else. I have never heard her play a single thing that could not be pulled off by someone that's only be playing for a few months. If someone has seen or heard her play something besides a basic, four count beat, clue me in but otherwise I will have to continue to assume that the parts she plays in her band are the extent of her ability.


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lars is in metallica for one reason and one reason only. lars started metallica. Its his band. people seem to forget that. it sure as hell doesnt have anythi8ng to do with him being good

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i like their music, but i don't think meg has enough rhythmic skill to be considered a blues musician. people say it fits the music, but it doesn't really. behind jack white's blind willie mctell and tommy johnson-influenced guitar playing, meg's drumming lacks any blues feel.


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I think everyone is way off. I think Meg White's style is intentional. The White Stripes wouldn't release their album if it was anything less than what they were shooting for.
Totally different ballpark than Lars, by the way. Unlike Meg White, Lars is trying to be flashy, quick, double bass metal drummer. Lars also has years of hype under his belt (almost 30?).
I'm not knocking either of them though, nor have I seen either live.
All I'm saying is, if Jack White thought he needed a better drummer to interpret the music HE himself wrote, I'm pretty sure he's well capable of finding a suitable replacement.
Call me crazy!


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While I admit to dropping Meg White jokes from time to time, I just accept the fact that her drumming is just part of The White Stripes' overall style. If she got kicked out (or something) and replaced with some flashy, technical drummer, the band would sound drastically different... which I don't feel would necessarily be a good thing.


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It almost seems like when Jack White decided to form a band, Mom White told him "Be sure to include your sister!"