Me playing. Woo!


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I know sound quality isn't that great. I'm pretty much just randomly playing. So there's probably some tempo changes and screw ups.

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Not saying there's anything wrong with it, but you have your cymbals extremely high. Especially that ride.

Otherwise, interesting playing.


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its pretty cool man, the only advice ill give you is timing but other than that, its not bad at all. :D
like your poofy hair, thats how mine gets when its long.


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Cheerful-Bear":igvhoq6p said:
^^ Jah Jah, mon! And this is a totally random setup. Not my usual one. Thanks guys! (hey, I'm only 14!)
Hey! So am I!
Try getting some drum mics. So then we can compete for YouTube views.


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What china is that? Im getting one, sounds lush! You got a pretty good sound out of that considering you didnt use drum mics.


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Cheerful-Bear":3i3e3769 said:
I know!! This isn't my regular setup!!
Calm down man. According to my statistics 80% of people don't like reading the entire post or video description.

I had to repeat myself a million times in this one topic I had here, and I do it a lot on YouTube.

When I complete my trades, I may need to get a 20" Pre Aged with a lot of extra hammering like yours.


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TheYardstick":gcimn6mv said:
The China is awesome, but far too many breakdowns and watching your back isn't all that interesting.
Yeah do one from the front. Then if you ever ask any questions about a technique, or any thing like that we will have better info to help you with.


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Well, from the way it looks, I don't think there's any space in front of his kit.

If you could get a tripod and get it from at least the side, that would do a whole world of good.