Masters MCX vs. StudioMaple


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Hey, I'm planning on buying either a Taye StudioMaple set or a Pearl Masters MCX set. I play in a classic rock/blues band, and I would mainly be playing those styles, with some occassional funk applications. The sizes I'm probably going for are 22x18, 12x9, 13x10, 16x16, and 18x16. Can anyone offer comparisons between the two sets, which one they prefer? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.


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I prefer the Taye but also like the fusion sizes because they're easier to get definitive pitches with at least 2" between drum sizes. I also like being able to adjust the rack toms more easily with a smaller depth. There are some great deals on Taye on the www right now. Three different studio maples on ebay. ... dZViewItem ... dZViewItem

This one's in Canada (don't know where you are). ... dZViewItem