Mapex Snare broken lugs!

Im hoping some one can help me i have a mapex snare it has diecast hoops and is 14 x 8 its a brass master?? i think its late 1980's i have had it about a year and all of a sudden its breaking lugs.! Where the screw goes into the lug its shears off its broke 3 i have tried to tighten them but but when i tighten the screws the lugs still spin on the shell?. Seems daft there is only one screw holding each lug on.
Does anyone know where i can get replacement or different lugs?


New member
Try ebay and see if you can get the original lugs. If you can't find 'em try Are you trying to tune it tight? If you are then you need to be absolutely sure you are keeping the tension even across all lugs. Thats the only way I can imagine why you are snapping them off.