Mapex Pro M Rock


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Hey guys my friend is thinking of buying this kit, he will play it first as hes a drummer, but seeing as he cant use a computer :)

i thought id ask about it here first just incase there long term problems with mapex pros?


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Not at all! Mapex is good quality. For quite a while i stayed away from them because they don't have as much of a name as say Pearl or Tama but i got me a Mapex M Birch kit and i love it. Handles any style i throw at it.


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Mapex do very nice drums - even their entrylevel set are fine!

I love my Pro-Ms. Their shells are very warm and the hardware pack included is simple but sturdy and funtional. A workhorse of a drumset.


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I have an M series which is a maple over basswood set, and it still sounds awesome. the thing is getting old too. but it still sounds great.