Mapex M Birch


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Hey guys, i've been looking at this a lot, so I wanted to bring up a question. Is this a good enough drumset to buy? I'd like to get the studioease model, because of the two floor toms. I don't like the studio model, because of the hanging floors, which I do not like. Although i've hit a wall, as musician's friend does not carry the studioease. Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this set?


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for awhile I was considering doing the 7pc Mapex M w/the 10" tom + 24" kick add-on. A little mini-Adler without the $$$$ of the Saturn's. I decided against it once I saw Medicine Man kits...for a little bit more I can go custom, get exactly what I want, and help out an awesome guy like PJ? Why not. I have heard M's (not played myself) and they sound really good. You should try and get behind some to see how you like 'em.

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awesome suggestion
go to your nearest drum shop/guitar center
and see if they have those kits there for you to play
try out some other too
take a friend (preferably another drummer)
and a drum key, tune up some kits
have your friend play/bang on them
and stand at different distances from the kit

pick witch ever one sounds best to you


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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm going to have to drive up to Guitar Center to check out their kits. I'll have to look into Medicine Man drums though, would be worth a shot.

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Hey dude if you get a MapexM Birch set you will be satisfied. i got my Mapex kit and its awsome! I love the punchy sound of the bass. full sound of the toms nice crask the snare has I love my Mapex kit!


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I've been on my m birch set for almost a year now and it really is amazing. Such good sound and resonance for the price. I love em.