mapex janus hi hat/double pedal


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anyone ever use this or own one? i like the concept but ive never played it a smooth transition when you click over to the double pedal or is there a hesitation? let me know...and also can guitar center special order me one?or do i have to find one?


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I found it to be a pretty decent transition from hihat playing to double pedal, but I do not own one. I'm talking in-store testing. I played it for a matter of maybe 5 minutes on a practice pad style kit. So I guess i'm not the best person to be answering your question. I thought it was easy to operate though.

Killer Tofu

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my older brother who alos drums owns one of these so i tried it out its a very smooth transition from hi hat to double you just move your foot over and the pedal slides with you, its great for eliminating that 3rd pedal ya know? i think its a great piece of hardware and if i had the money ide get one and im not sure about guitar centers polocies for ordering stuff but if you dont find it there check ou or (music123 is usually cheaper then guitar center anyway)

The Gede

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iI dont like it, `cause you cant use the hi hat and bass pedal at same time, i have to sell it, and also i own the janus double pedal, and its terrible, a lot of noise, and to, I have a problem with the linkage system, and Mapex never give me a response, very disapointed.....better DW 9000 or Tama Iron Cobra....