Man with Klingon sword boldly goes on crime spree in Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Police say a man wielding a sword like the ones used by Klingons on "Star Trek" demanded money from two 7-Eleven stores.

Police Lt. David Whitlock says no one was injured. The suspect was still at large.

Investigators say the man got an unknown amount of cash from the first store early today but left empty-handed when he tried to rob another about 25 minutes later.

The sword was described as a "bat'leth," which the Web site says is crescent-shaped and about a yard long. It has points on both ends, two points in between and a handle on the outside.

Police say they don't know if the sword used by the robber was made of metal.

Investigators say surveillance video captured the incidents but investigators haven't decided whether to release it.

Klingons were warlike enemies of the good-guy United Federation of Planets in the original "Star Trek" series but were allies in "Star Trek: The Next Generation."


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well, some 40 year man who lives in his mom's basement wasn't brought his koolaid and went on a rampage. an incredibly nerdy rampage.


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Probably a specialty store that offers replicas, there are plenty of places that do that if you look hard enough, and Star Trek fans are incredibly dedicated, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was how he obtained one.