Man! this site is dead.

b b253

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could actually use a lot of info on a bunch of different topics, but cant get any because noone posts here anymore. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Brian L

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well lets be honest...we discussed practically every single piece of equipment known to man on here!!!


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Brother_Bong":3rfmpp45 said:
I try to, ask away. Often times I read posts, but if I don't have anything to add/offer, I don't post.
That's why I've basically become a troll on here nowadays. I don't have any sort of questions I need answered, and I don't see any questions where I have anything to offer.


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Ya I've pretty much learned all there is to know about drumming :roll: Actually I am all out of questions, unless of course someone wants to post videos of cool ways they're transcribing rudiments into fills on the drumset.


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It's quite sad. But it is dead for many reasons, that we have already discussed. Maybe one day it will pick up with the right guidance. P.O.Y!