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Not too bad. A little sloppy at times but still not too bad. The only thing he has to do though is change his name because there is only 1 "Machine Gun Smith" & that is Steve "The Machine Gun" Smith.


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he doesn't suck but he could use a little more practice. he fumbles through alot of fills also playing them wrong. If your looking for someone to learn from I don't think this is the guy.


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yeah, he's not a bad drummer. as far as learning from him, he is sloppy while playing and does just fumble through a lot of stuff. and his grip leaves little to be desired. especially his right hand on that last video. he has to keep that pinky in before someone chops it off.

as far as a myspace drummer, hes not bad

i just feel if you're looking someone to learn from you could find someone who would help you more than him. im fairly confident that if he would start taking formal lessons the teacher would probably have him relearn technique and control