LOTS of equipment for sale. lots of details inside :)


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Well, i'm upgrading the entire studio and am getting rid of a list that includes but is not limited to..

Gibraltar curved rack- medium wear

Gibraltar curved rack- heavier wear, medium restored.

Zildjian ZXTitanium rock cymbals

Paiste 200 20" ride

Roger-brand metal piccolo snare

TKO- brand metal snare

a hi-hat stand in need of repair to the main shaft, (give it to you for like $10)

miniature bell kit for any little ones you may have around :)

PEARL CHAMPIONSHIP marching tenors, with carrier!

set of 5 nady drum microphones with drum attachments. (kick mic included)

nady dynamic microphone (brand new, accidentally got two, great mic for about anything)

two tom shells, completely stripped, sanded, repaired, hardware polished etc, waiting for the finishing touches

and more. If you are interested in anything at all..or have any questions, send me an e-mail at Timewraith@aol.com

I will work with you on prices to the best that practicality allows.

Thank you very much :)


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The good gibraltar rack is still in great condition, minus the standard belmishes that all racks develop with clamps. It is the $300 rack that you can get new, it's a little less than a year old. I have a local buyer offering $210 for it, comes with clamps, E-mail me and I'll send you a picture if you are further interested.

The older Gibraltar rack is going for $90, solely due to the amount of work put into restoring it.

I also have digital drums and a brain being sold, individual or together.


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on the older curved rack are you willing to sell just the front curved tube and if so how long is it and how much? :twisted:


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The older curved rack's front tube would be sold for $40, subject to go lower. It is in storage right now, and should be in great condition, but when I check it, if it is less than aesthetically perfect, the price will go down.

I will have to check it as far as the length goes.


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Sir, please question me before you accuse me.

I clicked the link you posted, and you're right, if you only want the tube, go for that one. But I figured that he would want hardware to attatch it, along with some clamps, and that was included in the price. the clamps are brand new, and I had two in the package. I guess I should have been more specific.

I do not believe I am out of line, feel free to ask why I price the way I do if you don't understand. All of my prices are based on local offers.


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Sorry, looked like gouging to me, My Bad...

Tell ya what, I'll make up for it and buy it myself for the 40 bucks if he doesn't want it, hows that sound? Send me a PM with the total price including shipping to 14514.

Once again... sorry.


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the zildjian rock cymbals, in a pack consisting of one crash, one ride, and a set of hats- goes for $150 plus shipping from zip code 78130.

And to zen_drummer, no big deal, i should have stated my intention publicly in the first place.


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I'd like to know what you have for sale right this very minute, because I'm very interested in some of your stuff, but would rather you contact me on my myspace.com page. If you go directly to the following link, it will go right to my myspace page: www.myspace.com/sanmanco128, add me to your friend's list if you want, and send me a message, and ask me personally what I'm interested in buying from you. I'm honest, and I might need you to work with me. I'm trying to sell some nondrum stuff on a yahoo! group, athensbargainbarn, actually, so I can raise some funds, so I can get purchase the drums/cymbals, etc., that I will need, and you may be helping me out a whole lot, so thank you, thank you, thank you, lol!