[loop] - Tama Starclassic Performer


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Here's my kit! I know the pics aren't the greatest but that's not the point. Notice that one of my boom stands carries my 12x10 tom and 3 cymbals.

Specs on request 8)


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Tama Starclassic Performer 2000(Japanese 8) )

22x16 kick( attack no overtone with stock reso)
12x10 and 14x12 toms( pinstripe over stock reso - tama hazy 200 by evans)
14x6.5 MMX(yes, the lovely one 8) - evans genera dry coated over evans hazy 300 reso)


Paiste Sig Heavy Hats 13
Paiste 2000 Power Ride 22
Alchemy Pro ART crash 16
Alchemy Pro ART crash 18
Wuhan China 12
Stagg DH China 18
Stagg Furia splash 10

Pearl P2002C pedals
DW 9500 hh stand