Looking to upgrade my DW 7000


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ive had my dw 7000 double pedal for a while now and ive been trying a lot of pedals looking to upgrade it but with the amount of actual playing time ive had with them im still not sure what pedal would be a definate upgrade plus the shops around me dont have every pedal out there.
i had an iron cobra single before and i dont think spending almost $400 to upgrade to that would be worth it because its, at least to me anyways, not $400 better. so im looking for something thats a huge improvemant over what i have
any tips would be greatly appreciated


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Why switch, I love my 7000... Most of the guys I know have gone to Trick, but that is a lot more expensive. I love the 5000 too, but that is not that big of a difference.

Good luck guy.


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I recently bought the new 8000's and i like them alot. Of course the 9000's are probably a little bit quicker but the 8000's are cheaper and are great pedals.


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I just got a 7002 for my birthday. gonna dial it in tonight. time to put the creaky aging 5002 to bed.