Looking to buy a mic kit or set of mics


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I am looking to buy a mic set for my Mapex fusion. I am looking to use the mics to practice at home thru a mixer to tracks laid without the drums and also for when gigs pop up that we do not have a sound guy.

I am looking to mic each drum for optimal sound and possibly purchase two condenser mics, either with a kit or on their own. Since this is the first mic set up I will be using on my own, I do not want to spend a ton of money but want them to be diverse to do home recording and also play out.

I am looking at either an Audix kit or Shure kit. Can anyone give me advice on which to go with and the price range I am looking at (even if I buy gently used to start with).

It depends on how big your kit is, as to how much it will cost. I personally have always been partical to Shure. Even their Performance Gear", if used right can sound decent enough. And you will save a bunch of money.


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The Shure kit with the Beta 52 and SM57s is probably the only mic kit I would really recommend, because those are real workhorse mics for drums and other recording tasks. Add a couple of decent condensers for overheads and you're good to go. If you decide to upgrade the 57s for better tom mics, eventually, you will always find other uses for 57s (guitar amps, etc.) or you can sell them.

I have also heard good things about the Red5 Audio RVK7 kit, but I have not personally had any experience with it: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jan04/articles/red5.htm

Personally, I would buy mics individually, rather than go with a branded kit. I think most of the kits compromise in some area or another (like a good kick mic, but crappy overheads, etc.). Buying mics separately may cost a little bit more, but you'll get better quality in the long run, imo.


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How are the Shure PG 52 bass mic PG 81 condenser mics and the PG 56 tom mics?

Or how are the Audix Fusions.. F10 F12 and F15's?
I've used the PG 52/56's before, and they are not a bad mic, as long as you don't bang them around to much. Thats the main difference between the PG and the SM/BETA. As long as you play with the postioning and can run a mixer, you should get a good sound. As for the PG 81 overheads, I haven't used them, but I'm sure the are about the same. Shure makes a kit with a kick mic and 3 or 4 tom mics, and then another one the same but with two overhead condencers.

P.s. the nice thing about the PG's is that they all come with cables and clamps, which the "better" ones don't.

Good luck with the purchace...


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my brother and i have a recording studio. we have used everything: nady, cad(shutter :oops: ), akg, audio-technica, audix, shure, blue, and senheiser to mic my kit. out of all of them, shure and audix were the ones i was most pleased with over all. there is a few others that stick out in my head that were pretty good, but overall, shure and audix mics were overall just better mics. now, though, my brother and i have a deal with shure and use nothing but. our current set up was very expensive, even with our discount. here is my surrent set up (mics-wise):

Shure Beta 91 and 52 on my kick. we just put the 91 in the drum, and the 52 about 6inches from the reso.

Shure Beta 98s or 57's on toms. we switch off between the two....they both sound awesome. the 98's are tid bit "sharper" and the 57's are a tid bit "warmer". i use the 98's on gigs because of their small "footprint". sometimes well mic the batters with the 98's and the resos with the 57's.

I also use the 98's and 57's on snare, but if i want a more crispier sound, ill reach for a ksm 141 or a Beta 58. i usually mic both the batter and snare side when it comes to snares.

for cymbals, we use ksm 141's on the ride and hi-hats or just for overheads(sometimes). thats where me and my brother differ on preferences...i like to use 2 141's for over heads and a ksm 44 as a room mic, where as he likes to use one 44 for a direct overhead and place 2 141's out about 6 feet infront of the kit. both styles work, but i like my way better. its all preference i guess.

for a scaled down version and more cost efficiant record solution, id use a sm81 or ksm 141 (id go with the 141, but it depends on your budget) for an over head, a beta 57 on your snare and a beta 52 on your kick. and maybe, if money permits, some beta 57s on your toms.

if you need anymore help...give me a holler. im kind of in a hurry. right now sorry for the breif post.


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Anything Shure makes will make your kit sound great! SM57 and and PG56 would be great starting points for the kick and snare!! Happy hunting!