Looking for HiHat...


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Unfortunately the top of my beloved 14" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Hi Hat have broken, so therefor I am desperately looking for one that is not broken... If any of you guys have one laying around that you dont use I am a well paying buyer to it!

Othervise if it is impossible to get hands on a top for it, I would like to hear other suggestions for a new HiHat similar to it?

Thanks Drez


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Paiste will custom make them still for an extra 30%. You cant order them from guitar center tho. You need a special Paiste dealer. Where do you live and I could help find you a shop. I do all my Paiste orders through Jacks Drum Shop, cos I love near by and they ship quick. No big chain will do the custom order, and If they do, there bullshitting you because It will take them at least 6 Months. Do NOT go to a guitar center or Daddys Junky Music. Paiste will not sell direct so dont call them.

Email me at mattkinel@hotmail.com and put Paiste Sound Creation in the subject line and I can help get you a custom order, as ive done it many times to Paiste before. Tell me what country you live in and what state, town and what your usual music store is. If your local in MA then go straight to Jacks Drum Shop in downtown boston, dont even shop around, there the best for custom Paiste orders and the fastest.

All the best, a fellow vintage paiste fanatic