looking for good crash/ride


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i was wondering what is a good crash cymbal that has a good ride (or vice versa)
i need a nice pingy ride sound and a low but bright crash sound
i was thinking a paiste PST crash/ride


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Give Jamie over at Saluda Cymbals a call... he will make you what you need for less cash than you would think.


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I have a Zildjian Planet Z 18" Crash Ride... and crash it, and I tell people, the crash sound rides on for a bit longer... ;) Get it? The sound keeps going longer than the average crash. But you know... a 16" or 18" Paiste Crash Ride is supposed to be pretty damn good sounding! Try it out!


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I have a Paiste PST 3 18" cras/ride. good bell sounding ride. a ;itt;e ping and dryness to it. Buy it you won't be sorry