Looking for Cymbal Smith


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Mike Skiba is in New Jersey. I have heard that he's not taking on any other recreation projects at this time, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to him. PM me for his contact info.

On the west coast, there is a newer man, Matt Bettis. He's got some stunning recreations that I've been drooling over for a few months.

I know of a couple of other cats outside of the US as well. The biggest difficulty is the shipping rates as well as the Dollar to Euro conversion can bleed your bank account dry pretty fast.

A great, great man and cymbalsmith, Johan Van De Sijpe, passed away recently. He was amazing. R.I.P. Johan VDS. :cry:


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I have one that I want them to change. What I want done will take a true craftsman, an artist, not a mass producer.


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What are you rich or somthin' ...."James, take the limo to my private hanger and take the Lear jet to get me one of those Italian subs...from ITALY!!" :lol:

Probably the price you'll pay for that, you could find a very nice cymbal elsewhere.
I'm teasing, I honestly don't know.