Looking for add on's


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I am looking for a few things to add to my modest drum kit:
1 ,22"x16'" bass (with pedal and beater)
a 15" floor tom (with legs)
a 14" ride tom
14" hats (1 pair)
two 16" crashes (medium or thick)
one 20" ride cymbal
one 18 inch china
3 boom cymbal stand's
looking for the above, new, used, it dosent matter. Looking for decent prices, aimed at those with VERY limmited budgets, thanks.
Dave C


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I have a 20" ZBT ride, and 18" ZBT crash, and a pair of 14" ZBT hi-hats all for sale. They are about 1 year old and in very good condition - no dents, cracks, or keyholes. PM me if you're interested.