Looking for a new snare


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Okay, so I'm looking for a new snare drum, and I've got some specific things I'm looking for, so if you guys know any snares like the one I'm looking for, that would be awesome.

It's gotta:
-Have black hardware (rims and etc.)
-Be 14"
-Be deep, like 6.5 or more
-Preferably metal over wood, like brass or aluminum
-Be relatively cheap

Some ones I was looking at were Joey Jordison's snare (but I don't like the 13" size), the Pork Pie clear Acrylic with black hardware, and the Pearl Ultracast. Any suggestions?


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Why didn't you say anything about the sound that you want?
BTW no one sees the black hardware on a CD or at a gig. But everyone hears the sound. Think about it.