Looking for a cheap live click track solution


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I have been toying with the idea of playing to a click track live. The determining factor will be cost as I am not willing to sink a fortune into making it happen. I have a laptop that I can use and was wondering if there is software out there that would allow me to program a click track.

If not, I was wondering if any of you guys use a click live and how you do it.

All suggestions are welcome.



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buy a metronome with a headphone or line out function.....depends on how in depth you need to get.....

We play some keyboard sequenced songs.. so I would use a click for a count-in and some station keeping functions during the songs..

So I engineer the sequences so all "public" sounds ( what I want the audience to hear ) is out of the right channel.. then any click or tones I need are out of the left channel..

Then I simply route the left side through a headphone amp ( samson 4 channel ) to a pair of in-ear monitors that I wear.

All of the other normal monitor stuff ( PA, guitar, bass, my vocals ) also come through my in-ears as well. but that's not really germain....


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If you're not using in-ears and you're the only one who needs to hear the click, I would suggest the Yamaha Clickstation going straight into sealed ear-buds.

Here's a review I did a while back. http://tinyurl.com/3xrers

It works out great if you're playing with a wedge monitor and you're the only one monitoring the click, because you just have the Clickstation coming into some sealed buds that act as your hearing protection (which I know you always wear, right?)

Even if you're using in-ears, you can insert your ear mix into the Clickstation through the aux in.

You can gander at the manual I put on my website: http://mikedrums.com/clickstation/