Looking at chinas


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John Blackwell sabian custom Jia chinese thats like 300 but very trashy and nice. Also AAS China and zildijian Oriental china. All some of the best i think
i doesnt matter what kind of drum set it is, its all about you man!! go to Guitar Center and try out Wuhans, Sabians, Zildjians and Paiste China Cymbal. Dont pay attention to the brand of Series just listen to the sound and find the one that suits your demands

break the prism

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not to sound like an ameteur, but if you want an authentic wasy china sound, i'd go with wuhan riveted. 18" and up though. smaller than that and you're better off with a higher market brand.


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i recently aquired a wuhan 12" china, its pretty sick, loud as shit and very well complimented by my other cymbols, alot of sound from such a litte cymbol, its how i like it, itll fit anywhere and it is very noticable
i have to admit, i have an 18 inch zildjian total china and i love it with a passion. i got a 14 inch as well, and they compliment each other very much, but between the two, the bigger is the better one. loud, trashy, almost like a gong. perfect for what i need. now all i have to do is get a gong.....


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Well I just got me a 22 inch Zildjian Swish Knocker and this has to be the loudest china cymbal that I ever encountered. With 20 rivets to go with, it overpowers everything. Use with caution indeed.