Long winded rants about exponentialy accelerating evolution


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Some would say that the basic definition of popular music has remained basically the same ever since rock and roll caused the last major change
After it proved to be so commercially successful, every other form of popular music has adapted rock's approach to the promotion and packaging of their form of music as a commodity
Now the "Rock Star" is a rapper or a country singer or even a cute little Barbie doll of a punk rock diva who just learned how to play power chords on her custom checkerboard telecaster while she sings or whatever sub genre that untile recently claimed to be above all that shit
This perpetuates the fairytale of success to not only the consumer, but the artist as well
And to a wider audience who want to emulate their heroes

Some would argue that the mere pursuit of riches affects the very core of your musical ambitions
The more you base your decisions on how they affect the potential profit margin, the more you dilute your art

Some would disagree and say that the exploitation and manipulation of a product has become so well refined that the manipulation itself is an art
It takes a shitload of skill and creative energy to put out the kind of polished product that merits a million dollar budget

An important occurence in popular music is the backlash against the commercialization of a popular genre
I've noticed that it tends to happen close to the the half marks of each decade
than the ends and beginnings
When people think of the popularization of rock n roll, they think "The 50's" when it was closer to 55
65, 75 and 85 also mark the pendulum swing against the stale established musical form
Most recently, we've seen grunge rip the heart out of glam and kill it (only to have it rise from the dead like a vampire)
However, grunge was still a new concept that was diametrically opposed to the established order
Rap has done the same thing
Punk rock
Progressive rock

Due to technology that exponentially increases our ability to consume musical information from commercials to banner ads to some kid being able to listen to ANY local band's demo on their My Space page,the normal births and deaths of trends are accelerated
How many bands would dare call themselves grunge right now?
And yet just over ten years ago, it was dominating with the fresh meat of glam in it's gullet
It is hardly even relevant anymore and even now the last bands are dying out that sound like grunge

The new millenium market has adapted so continuously that it makes itself irrelevant in shorter and shorter increments
People are now handed record contracts with million dollar advertising budgets because they won a TV show
The fairytale of easily achievable stardom is just as empty as the people who actually think they have what it takes to gat Simon not to insult them

Is the backlash going to keep up with the constant adaptation of the popular music market
Is it more difficult for those who want to inspire a change when the definition of "what needs to be destroyed" is ever changing as well

Is it possible for a subversive musical movement to forcefully inflict change upon popular music when everyone now has a price?
Even if that price is paid in the name of making a change on a national level

Ask Metallica if they ever imagined in 1988 that in the year 2000 they would be abandoned by their fans
It can happen to anyone now
From the most extreme metal to the hardest core rap to the tuest bluest country artis
There's someone who is included in every sub-genre that the true fans despise because they are a prefabricated product designed to appeal to a demographic

Do I think that popular music will survive this accelerated evolution
Do I think there is hope for the future of music as a business?
Will the record companies ever stop milking "potential porfit opportunites" dry?

It is mportant for the artist as a catalyst to endevour to enforce healthy growth within their genre
The only way to do that now is to reject the fairytale and refuse to compete with million dollar bands on their level
So what if you never play an arena
I'd rather bee known as someone who helped change things
Even if I never got paid what I deserved

Have you had enough empty calories?
Or am I the one that's full of shit?


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i think what it all comes down to is,
do you want to be recognised as a musician who sought to define their art, and express their individuality;
or do you want to be known as a marketing genius, or a skilled manipulator of the market?

i know which one i am struggling for with 3 overdrafts 8]


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I alwayst thought that there were three types of musicians, and everyone fell into only one of them

1)masters of their art
3)Musicians who get paid.


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Susanboy":2kbfo40n said:
I alwayst thought that there were three types of musicians, and everyone fell into only one of them

1)masters of their art
3)Musicians who get paid.
All musicians get paid. Hell if I was giggen' around i'de wanna get paid. That's a FULL time job and you can't live off inspiration.

And what about combining 1+2? AN "innovating master"? :lol:

Ignore me... I'm just bein dumb. 8)


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Piddywiffle":51jes2m4 said:
All musicians get paid
Does getting treated like shit, shuffled off the stage after playing your measley 35 minutes only to be given a couple of drink tickets for your troubles count as getting paid?
If so, yes
I've been getting paid