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i thought this was funny, how they show this big gigantic set just for the add on tom
i saw the price was 129.59 and almost fell over but thought it was the entire thing
ima retard



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yeah marketing! pretty much they goin here if you buy this one tom that goes up here on this shiny big kit you can buy more of that kit and have it for yourself! mwhahaha but first buy this one tom!

Rob Crisp

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I hate the sly b******s who come up with this stuff. Here's a nice tom, which looks AWESOME with the rest of the 20 piece set up....

Notice the bass drum heads are the wrong way round ;-)


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Taye batter heads come with the logos.

I don't know what the fuss is about. They just show what you pay for- one drum that can be added to your existing set.


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eh, ive played 2 taye kits, now i know alot of the sound quality comes from build, wood, hardware, HEADS, and how much you take care of the drums but...i never could get a taye kit to sound....well good. it was ok. yamaha rules the world though


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That picture of the big kit is NOT just advertising for the one tom..the person with the five piece kit looks at that pic, buys the tom..then tells himself.." i really want that 18"floor that was in that pic"..then says "i could really use that 2nd bass"... it wouldn't go that far if it was just a pic of the tom alone. it's all marketing and psychology.


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i hate it when they do that

like the oak customs.... you always see the massive kit, click on it

and its a 1 up 1 down jazz kit