Lol, funny story


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The guitarist in my band is making his own guitar, and he told me that because he's doing that, I should make my own drumkit. I asked him if he had any idea how bloody complicated making each individual drum was, and he replied that no it isn't complicated at all (he, who knows sod all about drums). According to him, I just had to get some big metal pipes and chop sections out of them.

I really don't like shooting people down, but I felt obligated to tell him it was one of the most arseheaded ideas I'd ever heard.


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Lol I've wondered about that too.

The icing on the cake was when he told me I could make it look cool by cutting holes into the pipes. I wasn't going to even try explaining that would kill any sound the drumkit might make, but that wasn't the only problem.

"So, I'll have a polka-dot drumkit?" I said.

"No, it'll just have holes cut out of it," he said.

"Yeah...a polka-dot drumkit..."


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actually making your own drums is quite simple
if you order the shells (unless this guy knows how to work wood, he bought the body of the guitar) drill your holes make your finish,
add your hardwear and your done!


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Benhamin":abhcoi5r said:
actually making your own drums is quite simple
if you order the shells (unless this guy knows how to work wood, he bought the body of the guitar) drill your holes make your finish,
add your hardwear and your done!
Oh yeah, for sure. That'd be pretty sweet. But he wanted me to build the whole thing from scratch. As in, make my own shells and everything.


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Hey just so you know im about to build my own drums myself and yes it is very complicated. If your going to get the woodwork done already then theres absolutly no point thats where you have the satisfaction of making your own creation. Plus a snare 14X5 is going to cost you from keller about 50 dollars and then all the hardware is what kills you on the price. So theres no point in getting all of it done just so you can screw the rest in you might as well just go custom so you wont mess it up unless your really experienced. Its still cheaper than buying a kit though.
Ive got some crap from guys tellin me "You cant do the bearing edges by yourself!" You can its just going to be very hard. I suggest that you buy some sheets of plywood or somthing and start cutting those edges to a 45 degree angle. It is hard but can be done. Once you have that you drill holes for the lugs then its a simple place em in and screw em in job.
Then for the finish just send it to a body shop and they can do pretty much whatever. HOwever you wanna do that before you drill holes in the shell preferably.
If you do want to look into it though go to Theve got a whole article on how to do it and lots of cool facts from different guy that work at DW and places like that.


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lowdrummer":xz54mlgw said:
Howepirate":xz54mlgw said:
bearing edges??? the most important thing...morons
was that directed t your fellow drummers or the guitar player :?

lol sorry at the guitar player...shoulda specified....they just tend to know it all....


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Howe is very close to the center of this argument
Bearing edges
It doesn't make a difference what material you make your drums out of as long as they have the proper bearing edges

Look at all the different "not normal" drums
Roto toms
Carbon fiber drums
Vistalites (and athe other lucite-like drums)
Fiberglass (remember those weird ass "North" drums?)
Stainless steel

As far as drilling holes in them, what about vented drums?
I would think that it would make the sound go in different directions

I would be experimenting with all different types of materials if I had the shop to do it in and the money to buy the materials

NO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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right on rockula! but seriously a noob at drum crafting will most probably unsuccessful at their first attempt... and without the proper tools...idk. guitar making seems a load easier, but i'm sure its still challenging.


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Well I'll keep those tips in mind if I do decide to make my own kit...but as of now I do not have - and never did have - any intention of doing so.

Bloody guitarists.


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ive built guitars, ive built drums. guitars are as easy to build as paper airplanes compared to drums. drums.. well unless you know how to work wood and all that its not easy. even if you use pre fab shells its still a trick. o nly takes one slightly angled drill hole for hardware to completely screw a shell over. as far as bearing edges fellahs, go to lowes, home depot, etc and get a dreme and a LOCK ON router head. easy as cake. i still build custom drums. holla at me for quotes. ill guarantee i can price ya better than most custom places. and i use the same vendors as many of the " custom" builders on here.


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Tell him that how easy making a guitar is compared to making drums, than tell him it'd be only fair is he made twice as many guitars as you made drums, because the difficulty level.


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Do it. I mean, make it out of really crappy stuff, then show him how bad they sound compared to real ones. Or make good ones, but make him help. Then when he has no idea what to do, he'll know