Henry George

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Hi Yu Guys,

Palookaville is a nice restaurant in Brunswick street, nice beer batter fish'n'chips.
My son and I played there a couple of weeks ago for 1/2 hr set on a sunday afternoon.

Not many people there but they did seem to enjoy our music,( they always do )
we had a good rehearsal anyway.
Coz we have'nt played much and I just love doing that live.
It's scary but, I like to get out of my comfort zone.
You might hear me wondering too far down the track and fallin off the rails.

Floating in the River and Got the Blues is our first recording,
I will add new nos.after a few more gigs, then you;ll notice an improvement.
It;s a cr@p recording but I can;t wait for anything better,
I just got my website and what better reason for my first thread.

Please add any comments,or recordings.

Henry George

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Did another gig a couple of weeks ago. This time James brought his recording equipment, I think I counted 7 mikes on my kit. The proprietor really put the dampeners on though, " can you keep it down fellas", bummer cos I really love playin with the sticks. Anyway must of turned out OK, got a 1/2 hour spot at the famed........ "Espy Hotel"!!!!!!


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I love the feel of your music Henry. Smooth, slow, and relaxing! Great stuff! Peace on ya!