Listening to Rush/Neil Peart on an ipod


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You may already have thought of it, and your already doing it, but if you reverse your ear-buds for your ipod headphones, the drums sound allot better. (put RT bud in Left ear, etc...) This gives you the prospective from being in front of the drums, to being behind the drums on the kit. You go from spectator, to sitting on the throne of Neil Peart (or whoever's) drum kit. I think it is really cool. If you havent tried it, give it a try. I've been listening to Permanent Waves this way. (which sells on itunes for only $5.95) Great album, great drum mix. I also like the drum set on Moving Pictures. (I think the high toms on his new set sound like bongo's. His old Tama's with the open end high toms sounded better to me.) Does anyone else agree?


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wow your right. i did theis with the new rush album nd it seemed to work. The way the engineer i record with does it is he mics everything from the drummers perspective, so it sounds like your sitting behind the kit


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It's from the drummer's perspective on most Slayer albums too. Listen to the huge left-to-right 7-tom spanning rolls in Seasons In The Abyss.

I love Dave Lombardo.


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It used to be fairly traditional and standard that the European/British school of recording panned the stereo-image of the drums so that the listener got the impression of playing the kit, where the American format was from the perspective of the audience watching the kit.
I remember reading about it in a home recording book many years ago.

I don't know if the tradition still applies regionally, or if it varies more lately- but at one time, at least, there were pretty standard practices regarding how drums were panned. Of course, if you're dealing with a lefty drummer, it all reverses anyway, eh? :)


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Oh man! Now I have to go buy an iPod to be able to do this. Hopefully my next cell phone will have in mp3 player! I'll definitely try it out at some point!

Rob Crisp

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I don't own an Ipod, although I've wanted one for aaaaages, it was all about justifying it really... now you have made a great argument FOR the Ipod! :)

Time to bin the Mini Disc anyway, whatever...
Definitely. The drums come out a lot more clearly when you reverse the ear buds. That's interesting, I never thought of doing this. Geddy's bass also comes out a lot clearer from this perspective.


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wow im gonna try that i just got the snakes and arrows it has to be the best sounding CD in the world I call it a HD cd it sound so clear and clean